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Dental Crown and Bridge
Teeth sometimes loose structural integrity, whether due to cavities, breakage, cracked old filling material or uneven surfaces. We utilizes the most advanced composite resin and ceramic materials to restore a tooth to natural and functional aesthetics.
Small structural issues can be dealt with using bonded direct composite resin restorations which are placed directly into the tooth and polymerized. These restorations can last a very long time and require periodic maintenance.
Larger structural compromise requires us to use a stronger more resistant restoration such as crown and bridge. The plan should be to protect the tooth and prevent further compromising structurally. Our solutions will help protect your teeth and ensure that the chewing you do will cause minimal damage.
These videos illustrates why we need these restorations and how the crown and bridge procedures are performed.
Note that in the case the cavity is located under the gum or your tooth’s fracture line extends under the gum, a crown lengthening procedure is required. In order to access the cavity or to expose sufficient tooth structure for the restoration, such as a filing or a crown, the level of gum and bone need to be adjusted.
Patient Consent Video: Crown Placement

Patient Consent Video: Crown Placement

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